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The Best Things in Life Are (Not Always) Free

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Helping you build a rock-solid parenting foundation with reliable facts, scientific insights, and vetted information straight from top experts – along with relatable stories from parents like you – is what we’ve been about at HelloJoey for the past 18 months now.

When we created our app, our goal was to empower and equip parents to better understand and connect with their child. Nothing about that has changed; we are still keenly focused on you, your child, and your relationship. We always will be.

We are, however, changing one aspect of the HelloJoey app in the coming weeks that we want you to be aware of. This is something we planned from the beginning and communicated along the way, but the time to implement this change has come.

Beginning March 1, 2019, all of the exclusive content that’s accessible via our app (audio episodes, articles, expert resource recommendations, and relevant activities) will be offered through a paid plan. You can sign up for a single plan, which will allow you to choose customized content for one child ($9.99/month), or a family plan, which means you can share your plan with two other members and get customized content for an unlimited number of children ($13.99/month), both with no obligation or commitment.

But here we want to address what may be the biggest question in your mind: Why?

First, we’ve been in beta testing mode since we started.

HelloJoey is a relatively new app – we’ve been around for less than two years, and during that time we’ve not only been creating solid, engaging content for parents of kids ages 0-12, but we’ve been working on the technical aspects, as well. New app = bugs. And not the kind that you kill with a spray of Raid. Technical bugs take a while to fix, and we knew from the beginning that we would not ask anyone to pay for our content while we were in the troubleshooting phase.

We’ve also been experimenting with the best way to present our audio episodes and articles, the pace of delivery, listening to user feedback, and determining how we can best meet our listeners’ needs.

If you’ve been a user through the earliest phase of HelloJoey, thanks so much for hanging with us! We wouldn’t be here without you. And thanks to our hard-working and brilliant engineers, we’re now through that initial phase of bug squashing.

Two, our content is highly valuable and exclusive.

We’re not in the business of giving parents advice – you can find that anywhere, from your nosy neighbor down the street to those parents on Facebook who appear to have it all together. Frankly, we don’t think you need anymore advice.

We do believe, however, that everyone can benefit from the understanding and education that comes from deciphering the latest research on today’s hottest topics by top experts and researchers. And that’s exactly what we provide, in 10-minute audio episodes and easy-to-read articles: the most current, relevant, and life-changing information, all boiled down into a format that fits your lifestyle. Plus, our hosts are pros at delivering expert, science-based information in a way that’ll keep you interested, engaged, and even chuckling, from start to finish.

To do this, we spend literally hundreds of hours reading, studying, and interviewing so you don’t have to.

We have a team of researchers with degrees from top universities who pour over papers, read stacks of books, and interview experts, including neuroscientists, psychologists, pediatricians, and therapists. Our hosts also take the time to talk with parents who are willing to share their stories, so you know that you’re not alone in your questions, struggles, and frustrations.

When we say it’s “valuable” information, we’re talking to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. For just one topic. Is it worth it? Absolutely, because we know that the content we produce has the power to change you, your child, and your relationship, for the better, and for good. And in our book, that is priceless.

In the end, you have everything you need in the palm of your hand.

Right there in your HelloJoey app. Got a picky eater? We’ll give you food for thought on how to handle that. Wondering how much screen time is too much? We have some surprising answers. Worried that your son is being bullied at school? Learn how to maneuver that challenge, according to leading experts. You get all of that info in one easy app, without having to search YouTube, Google, or a dozen websites. There’s a huge value in convenience. We do the work so you don’t have to.

Our plan prices are modest for the original, trustworthy, and expert content you’ll receive from HelloJoey and the potential impact it can have on your family.

We continue to grow and evolve, adding more experts to our team, additional researchers, more hosts, more topics – all working together to create more episodes, articles, videos, and resources aimed at equipping you to tackle any parenting challenge life may throw at you. Just as growing our team is an investment in our mission of empowering parents, the small amount you’ll pay for HelloJoey’s content is an investment in your family and its future.

It takes a village. We’re honored to be a part of yours, and we invite you to grow with us as we serve parents around the world who want to better understand their children and themselves in order to improve the priceless relationship they share.

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