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Is Fortnite Bad for My Kid?

That's the question heard 'round the world from parents of kids who've immersed themselves into the fantasy world of Fortnite, arguably the most popular online video game in recent years.

And our answer is a resounding . . ."it depends." Maybe not quite the definitive answer you were looking for, but we promise it's not because we're wishy washy on the subject. We just don't believe there's necessarily a "right" answer to this one.

That's how we roll here at HelloJoey–we're not into laying down absolutes and blanket statements or "one size fits all" judgments. We are into providing valuable insights, information, and facts from research, experts, and trusted sources, and then letting you discover the right answers for your children and your family.

Take a listen as HelloJoey host Kris talks about some of the pros and cons of this wildly popular game and gives you some food for thought about you might want to handle the whole Fortnite issue in your home. As with most things, what you do with Fortnite and how you determine whether or not it's "bad for your kid" is ultimately up to you. But here are a few of our (and other experts') thoughts on the matter.

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