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9.6.18 App Updates

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Thanks to your feedback, we've released some exciting improvements. Take a look and let us know what you think – your input makes us better. Here they are:

Control Your Learning Pace

Let the binge-listening begin! Access new content within each kit whenever you feel it's a good time.

Track Your Progress With our new dashboard, it's clear to see your progress within a kit (a collection of blocks) and a block (a specific topic that includes an audio episode, supporting articles, and bonus materials for a deeper dive).

Introducing Content Blocks

Within each kit, there are content blocks (formerly known as episodes). Within each block are two steps: Learn and Build.

Step 1. Learn by listening or reading

Step 2. Build by doing the activities.

Choose How You Like to Learn

Do you prefer learning by reading or listening? You can now choose one as your default mode. Easily access the other mode by tapping the flip icon, so you can do both if you'd like.

Simplified Feedback

We've redesigned our survey to make it even easier for you to let us know how you liked an episode (or block) and share your questions, comments, or ideas with us. Go ahead, tell us everything – we love to hear your thoughts.

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