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Meet the awesome parents who are

part of our growing village!


Our Ambassadors are big believers in our Ethos, and they regularly share their own personal insights, and what they have been learning from our content. We love them and support them 110%.




Nicholas needs no description. For he believes that nothing can be described and anything you say something is, it isn't. And yet, he says that. Enjoy the confusion of who this 32-year-old single father is, part-time poet, full-time writer, and spontaneous world traveler. 

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Kayla Lunde


I am a gentle mama, respectfully guiding four amazing boys through life. I am a parent educator and child advocate with a passion for helping to shift the tides of our parenting culture in the way in which we view and treat children. I strive to enhance and enrich the connection and relationships we as parents have with our children; starting with my own.


Christa Jordan


 I am a stay at home mom and author who accidentally fell in love with homeschooling. I became a mom to my son Kai through adoption, and love sharing spoonfuls of our journey on my blog and instagram. I can't survive without coffee and the inspiration of Mary Poppins!

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Carly Black

Co-Founder, Rivulet

Wifey & Mama, loves Target runs, giving hope to families every day, and yellow batter cupcakes. I want to know your story. Co-Founder of Rivulet.


Araceli Gonzalez


Wife and Mother of three. I have an amazing husband and together we are doing our best to create a beautiful childhood for our children. We believe that nature and free unstructured play are truly the foundation to a beautiful childhood and we strive to make that connection every day. I am a working mom with a career in Project Management. I love crafting, plants, and photography. Catch us outside adventuring, escaping in our RV as often as we can!


Ashley Comer


Hi, I'm Ashley! I like to describe my parenting style as "Intentional" which I feel HelloJoey truly helps me strive for! I'm a natural mama to two littles, who has a heart and passion for helping mothers and families around me!

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